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1, Dou Ruhai, researcher, Master Instructor. Has undertaken to complete 12 of the provincial and national level research projects, collaboration topics, 10 international cooperation projects 4. Headed by a National Science and Technology Progress Award, second prize in the Ministry of Agriculture, the four Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award four. In recent years, 45 of the first author of the paper published in the professional core journals, published six books on science and technology. Enjoy special government allowances; 1995 was named Shandong Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary young experts with outstanding contributions in 1995; 2000 Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province as registered consultants; 126 works by the Shandong Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences as high in 2001 level personnel; 2002 Shandong Provincial Personnel Department named the Shandong Province of thousands of well-known technology expert, Shandong Provincial Health Department in 2003 in Shandong Province as the health system experts; hired by the Office of the National Science and Technology Awards since 2003 the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the National Natural Science Prize experts; hired as the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology Progress Award, Natural Science Prize experts; Chinese Society of Laboratory Animal expert database experts, Jiangsu, Chengdu and other cities hired as project evaluation experts of the Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Province experimental animals and animal experiments academic leaders, Shandong Experimental animals and animal studies expert database experts. Former chairman of the Zoological Society of Shandong Experimental Society executive director of the Experimental Animal Center of Shandong Province, Shandong Province, experimental animal detection station, director of the Committee for Standardization of experimental animals in Shandong Province, China experimental animals, the deputy editor of the "Shanghai Laboratory Animal Science" rabbitry magazine deputy editor, vice chairman of the Shandong Provincial Animal Husbandry and Engineering Research Council, researcher at the China Academy of Management, a member of the Academic Committee duties.
Gu Wang, professor, doctoral tutor, is currently the director of the Laboratory Animal Center of Southern Medical University, director of the Institute of Comparative Medicine. Honorary chairman of the Society of Experimental Animal of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Southern Medical University Experimental Animal Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., general manager, deputy editor of the Chinese Journal of Comparative Medicine "," Experimental Animal and Comparative Medicine Publications Council vice chairman and other staff.
Main research direction for the experimental animal breeding, animal models of human disease and Comparative Medicine. Successfully to breed FMMU albino guinea pigs and experimental Tibetan miniature pig extensive Tibetan miniature pigs in medical research, such as physiological, biochemical, Histology and Embryology, and molecular genetic studies. Create the Southern Medical University, Institute of Comparative Medicine, is presiding over the construction of the first class, with the international advanced level, Southern Medical University, Dongguan Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Park. Has a number of research topics, several million dollars of research funding; has won a military scientific and technological progress second prize, a Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, six of Military Science and Technology Progress Award. Has trained 31 graduate students and 10 doctoral students. The editor-in-chief and has supervised many monographs.

3, Yin Yanbo, Ph.D., professor. Since
teaching: comfortable school to teach animal pathology specimen bank, the number of specimens of 300 pieces; Veterinary Pathology multimedia teaching; opened graduate senior veterinary pathology courses, and multimedia teaching; presided livestock College of Pathologists level focus on curriculum construction; presided over the university-level teaching research topic a; presided over a completion of the experimental teaching topics; contact off-campus undergraduate teaching practice base two; Contact and completion of our faculty and the Swedish agricultural University (DMU) teachers lecturing project.
Research: the auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the number of research projects of the National Science and Technology Support Program, 948 projects in the Ministry of Agriculture, Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China, Qingdao Science and Technology Support Program, has published more than 200 papers including five in SCI; presided Ministry of Agriculture and the national Institute of Standards and participated in the drafting of the seven, eight applications for invention patents.
Social services and external links: actively involved in social services, Shandong, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Sichuan Province, the size of a chicken farm the aquaculture technical guidance and diagnosis of disease prevention and control, and spoke highly of the farms; once plum in the United States Island animal disease Research Center, Washington State University, IDEXX, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Iowa State University in the United States, the United States national Animal disease Research Center, Minnesota State University and other units of learning, access.

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