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Qingdao Bolongbige dog breeding file

Blohm Beagle [2011] 2 Hao

established Qingdao Bolongbige dog breeding Co., Ltd.
Experimental Animal Management Committee and the Ethics Committee of notification

nurtured by the supply of experimental Beagle dogs in order to improve the level of quality of the Beagle dogs to strengthen the scientific and standardized Qingdao bolon Beagle dogs standardized management, in line with the National Beagle dogs grade quality standards, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology requirements and other relevant provisions of the "guidance treat experimental animals and the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department forwarded the Ministry of Science and Technology guidance on the care of laboratory animals", it was decided that the company was founded: Laboratory animal Management Committee and the Ethics Committee. The staff composed as follows:
chairman: Yin Yanbo
members: Douru Hai, Qiuqing Yu, Sun Zhang De, Liu Dan, Liu Bo Qun, Wang Zurong, Li Hsing Cheng, Han Zhen, Yu Yong-Jie, Hu Xiaoting
Commission under the Office of: BR> Director: Dan
secretary: Liu Bo group

Qingdao Bolongbige dog breeding Limited 

April 16, 2011

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