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Experimental Animal Management Regulations

General Provisions

In order to strengthen the management of the experimental animals to ensure the quality of laboratory animals, and adapt to the needs of scientific research, economic construction and social development of the enactment of this Ordinance. Article
the meaning of this Ordinance experimental animals by artificial breeding, exercise control over its carrying micro-organisms, the genetic background of clear or sources clearly, for scientific research, teaching, production , test animals and other scientific experiments. Article
This Ordinance applies to research in experimental animals, conservation, breeding, supply, application, management and supervision of units and individuals. Article IV of the
administration of experimental animals, should follow the unified planning, rational division of labor, is conducive to promote scientific research and application of the principle of the experimental animals. Article
Head of the State Science and Technology Commission, the national experimental animals.
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Science and Technology Committee in charge of the work of the experimental animals.
Relevant departments of the State Council is responsible for the management of the department of experimental animals. Article
supervision and quality of the national implementation of the quality of the experimental animals attestation system. The specific measures shall be formulated separately by the State Science and Technology Commission. Article
laboratory animal genetics, microbiology, nutrition and rearing environment of national standards developed by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision.

experimental animal rearing management

Article engaged in experimental animal rearing units, the standard must be based on genetics, microbiology, nutrition and breeding environment, regularly in experimental animals the quality monitoring. Various work processes and monitoring data should be complete and accurate records and to establish statistical reporting system.
Article IX experimental animal breeding rooms, laboratories should be set up in different regions, and in strict isolation.
Experimental animal breeding rooms and laboratories have scientific management systems and operating rules. Article X of the
experimental animal conservation, feedlots should be used domestically or internationally approved varieties, strains, and possession of a valid certificate of competency.
Article XI experimental animals must be in accordance with the different sources, different varieties, strains and different experimental purposes, housed separately. Article 12 of the
experimental animals were divided into four levels: level, ordinary animal; two clean animals; three specific pathogen-free animals; four, germ-free animals.
Different levels of experimental animals, should be managed in accordance with the corresponding microbial control standards. Article 13 of the
, experimental animals must be fed quality standards complete feed. Mildew, deterioration, moth-eaten contaminated feed may not be used for feeding laboratory animals. Directly used as feed vegetables, fruits, etc., to go through the cleaning and disinfection, and keep fresh. For Fourteenth an experimental animal drinking water
, shall comply with the health standards of urban drinking water. Two, three, four experimental animals drinking water, shall comply with the health standards of urban drinking water and were sterilized. Article 15 of the
litter of experimental animals should be in accordance with the needs of the different classes of experimental animals, and dealt with accordingly, be clean, dry, absorbent, non-toxic, no insects, no source of infection , non-polluting.

experimental animal quarantine and control of communicable diseases

Article XVI of the introduction of the experimental animals, quarantine . Capture
for supplementing the sources or the development of new varieties of wild animals, must be carried out in the local quarantine, and obtain a certificate issued by the animal quarantine department. Wild the animals arrive experimental animal premises, subject to quarantine again before entering the experimental animal breeding rooms. Article 17 of the
vaccination of experimental animals must be carried out, should be based on the requirements of laboratory animals or in accordance with the livestock and poultry in the relevant provisions of the Prevention of Disease Ordinance, vaccination, but used as a biological The product raw material except for experimental animals. Article XVIII
sick to death of experimental animals, should be the timely identification of reasons, properly handled, and for the record.
Experimental animals suffering from infectious diseases must, as appropriate, be destroyed or treated in isolation. Laboratory animals may be infected, emergency vaccination may be contaminated area to take strict disinfection measures on the rearing of indoor and outdoor, and reports of laboratory animal management department at a higher level and the local animal quarantine, health and epidemic prevention unit, to take urgent precautionary measures to prevent epidemics spread. Chapter

experimental animals 19 of the

, application of experimental animals should be based on different experimental purposes, the choice of a qualified laboratory animals. Reporting scientific research and assessing the results of the application of qualified laboratory animals should be as basic conditions. Unqualified application of experimental animals to obtain the test results invalid, or safety evaluation of the production of the products shall not be used.
Diershitiao supply of laboratory animals should have the exact name of the following complete information:
varieties, lines and sub-lines;
genetic background or source;
, microbial detection status;
qualified certificate;
, feeding and breeding unit responsible for signatures.
Above information experimental animals may be used. Article 21 of the
experimental animal transport work should have the person responsible. Shipping tools of experimental animals should be safe and reliable. Shall not mix different varieties, strains or different levels of experimental animals for shipment. The CHAPTER experimental animals

import and export management

Article imported from abroad as the original species of experimental animals, should be accompanied by the rearing unit is responsible for issuing the strains and sublines name, as well as genetic and microbiological status information. The experimental animals
no such information shall not be imported or used. Article 23 of the
experimental animal work units from the original species of imported experimental animals, must be specified to the State Science and Technology Commission conservation, breeding and quality monitoring units registered. Article 24 of the
export laboratory animals must be reported to the State Science and Technology Committee for approval. After approval, before the export formalities. Article 25 of the
import, export quarantine experimental animals, in accordance with the provisions of the People's Republic of China Import and Export Animal and Plant Quarantine Regulations.

Chapter VI of personnel engaged in the work of the experimental animals

Article 26 experimental animal work units should be required, with the scientific and technical personnel and the professional training of rearing personnel. Categories of personnel must abide by the various systems of the experimental animal breeding management, familiar to master operating procedures. Article 27
the local experimental animals work department in charge of all the personnel engaged in experimental animals, it should gradually implement the accreditation system. Article 28 of the
experimental animal work units on the direct contact with the staff of the laboratory animals must organize regular checks. Suffering from infectious diseases should not undertake the work of personnel shall promptly transfer to another job. The twenty-ninth
personnel engaged in experimental animals in experimental animals must take good care not to tease or abuse.

the Chapter VII reward and punishment

Article 30 has long been engaged in experimental animal breeding management, unit or individual that has made significant achievements by the management of the department of experimental animals to give recognition or reward.
Article 31 unit in violation of the requirements of the Ordinance, by the management of the department of experimental animals depending on the seriousness of the case were given a warning, within a prescribed period of time, was ordered to close the administrative penalty. Article 32 of the
on staff for violation of the provisions of this Ordinance, by their units depending on the severity, according to the relevant regulations of the State, be given administrative sanctions.

Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions Article 33 of the

provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and relevant departments of the State Council, under this Ordinance, combined with the specific situation, formulate measures for implementation. Experimental animals of the military system management reference to these Regulations.
Article 34 this Ordinance by the State Science and Technology Committee is responsible for interpretation. Article 35
This Ordinance shall be effective as of the date of promulgation.

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