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    Qingdao Bolong Experimental Animal Limited was established in April 2010, is located in the Yellow Sea - Qingdao Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Demonstration Park, an area of 50 acres, the construction area of ​​20,000 square meters, is currently the Beagledogs large-scale, standardized production breeding base in one. Company with South
Medical Laboratory Animal Center, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences, Beagle dog production breeding base, Qingdao Agricultural University Animal Science and Technology Institute and other research institutes to collaborate, work together to form a standardized, standardized "Beagle dog resources sharing platform, scientific research, teaching, experiment as a whole, for our life science research, drug discovery, Drug safety Evaluation, food and Drug Import and Export Inspection standardized experiments with dogs, non-immune dogs, bear on animal experimental projects. Conduct monoclonal antibody preparation, animal disease modeling, laboratory reagent preparation, biological products, vaccine production projects, the progressive realization domestic Beagle dogs resource sharing. The first phase of development of the the planning The development the planning
① land purchase 50 acres 
② built 300 sets kinds kennel and breeding dogs playgroundhas been detected by the provincial inspection center, are in line with the ordinary level national laboratory animal environment facility standards;
③ 600 square built supporting laboratory and to meet the needs of quality testing;
④built a dormitory, distribution rooms and other facilities more than 600 square meters;
⑤ formed a core group of Beagle dogs 300, annual average incubation experiments with dogs 3000, social production has begun breeding supplies;
⑥ purchase canine the extruded feed unit production line set, has been put into use to good effect.
Implementation time: --- 2012 10 April 2010.
   A construction has been completed on July 2, 2012 by the site evaluation and acceptance of the Expert Group on experimental animals of the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department has obtained production licenses issued by the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department of experimental animals and experimental animal feed productionlicense.
Second phase development plan
① to further improve the Beagle dog production breeding base construction;
② expansion of nursery, breeding, youth, reserve kennel, non-immune isolation kennel 6, 4,000 square feet. Expansion of feed processing plant, feed raw material storage, feed finished products
③ 2000 square;
④ expansion of scientific research office building 1000 square;
⑤ enrich and perfect laboratory to increase the equipment required to meet the relevant experimental;
⑥ cooperation, collaboration animal experiments, such as: the preparation of the animal model, antibody serum, monoclonal antibody production;
⑦ stud dog core group of 500 reserve breeding dogs 150 years bred standardized experimental dogs 3000 - 5000, basically meet the relevant industry and sector demand for animal experiments in Shandong and neighboring provinces and cities, and the progressive realization of the domestic resource sharing of Beagle dogs.
Implementation time: 2012 --- 2015.
Resource platform will gradually built:
① The tertiary institutions in research, teaching, internship training base
② standardized the Beagle dogs production breeding supply base the the employees training base

③ Shandong Province, large-scale experimental animals ④ standardized the Beagle dogs openness animal laboratory.
Platform will gradually carry out a series of animal experiments in Beagle dogs, monoclonal antibody preparation, animal disease models produced antibody serum extraction and reagent preparation and related services to the domestic and foreign.

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